The Process Involved During The Installation Of A Pond Aeration System

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A pond can add natural beauty to a plot of land and be the perfect place to enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming, and boating. The problem is that maintaining a pond isn’t easy, and if the oxygen levels in the pond are jeopardized it can lead to unhealthy water conditions that damage fish and plants and poses a threat to swimmers. One of the best ways to combat this common problem is to install a pond aerator, and the following is a quick look at what is involved in the process.

Electrical Requirements

A pond aeration pump is designed to run on electricity, and while smaller models only require a 110-volt outlet, larger units that are intended to treat ponds bigger than 4 acres in size may need a 220-volt plug. Be sure to contact a licensed electrician and have any required wiring run before beginning installation.

Air Feed Lines

The lines that run from the pump are what carries the air into the pond and provides the aeration effect. Each feed line will have a separate air diffuser, and each one will need to be anchored to the bottom of the pond to prevent it from floating while in use. It is important not to cut the feed lines until they have been anchored and the length required to run to the main pump has been verified.

Main Pump Installation

Once the electrical outlet and feed lines are installed, the next step is to connect the power and aeration lines to the main pump. Most systems have a programmable setting that will allow the unit to run automatically, and it is a good idea to set this feature up initially so the pump can operate without requiring manual activation. Once the pump is set up, test the system and make sure adequate airflow is present from each of the diffuser units.

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